dieta para perda de peso1. They do not exercise enough.

One of the reasons why thin individuals have high cholesterol is that they lack exercise or they do not even exercise at all. As a result of the lack of exercise, there is an increase of saturated fatty acids in their body's system, leading to an increase in the cholesterol level.

2. They have poor eating habits.

Even thin people can have high cholesterol because they have poor diet. Even though they look thin, they are fat in the inside. Cholesterol levels increase in their blood due to some foods which contain saturated fatty acids. These foods are considered to be rich in bad cholesterol like margarine, pork, liver, egg yolk and shrimp, especially when they are cooked the wrong way. Thin people do not actually care of what kind of foods they consume. They eat less and do not gain weight but are eating foods that contain bad cholesterol.

3. Most thin people have a sedentary lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle is risk factor for many diseases to develop.Thin people tend to remain inactive due to their sedentary lifestyle. Such lifestyle also exists among obese individuals. Little or no physical activity is what most thin individuals do in an ordinary day. Sitting, watching TV, and sleeping are the only activities they usually do most of the time. As a consequence, saturated fatty acids build up, and the levels of bad cholesterol increase in their system.
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Deciding to start a new diet in order to lower cholesterol is very daunting for most people. If you tried to make all the changes required around cholesterol and foods at once you would very probably be entirely overwhelmed. Also, undertaking change at this rate would almost certainly be totally ineffective, as few people would be able to accommodate such wide changes in one go. The answer then is take small steps, one at a time, each building on the other, until you have the full regime in place. This is the first step in a series of articles on "How To Lower Cholesterol".

Step 1: Fats

First of all THE BODY NEEDS FAT, so it is not the enemy, it just needs to be controlled. When we talk about calories (obtained from fat) we are discussing the body's source of energy. The reason weight loss and lowering cholesterol are all about lowering calorie intake is that in order for the body to use this energy, whenever it is required, there must be a store of it and if this store is larger than our requirements we become overweight and the excess cholesterol blocks our arteries.